WE ARE Revolutionizing the FPV Goggle INDUSTRY


Product is Scheduled to BE launched by the end of 2020

For the last two years, we have been studying the entire FPV Goggle industry and we have noticed that there are still a number of issues that most major manufacturers are over looking while developing new goggles for the FPV community.

At UAV Skies, our goal is to fill such gaps and introduced a new concept in FPV Goggle design that will dramatically revolutionze the end user experience.

We are also focused on reducing the over all cost of the high quality FPV Goggles and make such solutions affordable for all. We will not jeopardize the quality, infact we are promissing advanced viewing and video quality experience for the users.

The product is currently in beta testing and it is going through final production design changes.

We are anticipating the final product launch by the end of year 2020.

We should be able to provide the beta units for field tests by mid 2020.

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