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HexaCopter a.ka. The BEAST!

  • Client: SoluComp
  • Date: August 05, 2018
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25Kg Payload!

We went on developing a custom hexacopter for our customer. The Drone must be able to carry a total of 25KG payload with 45 minute flight time in mind.

Customer Business Requirements

1. A Modular Drone Design that will require minimum structural changes to adopt new emerging technologies.
2. Modular Sensors swap to the point of automatic sensor changes remotely.



The Drone was designed based on the principle of modular plug and play concept.

What does that means? The finall structural design of the drone needs to be robust to the point that it will adopt to new sensors, power systems, new payload types (LiDAR, Sprays, mail Delivery, Medicine Delivery, Flying Cell Site, Disaster recover sensors) and other unknown scenarios without any changes to the structrual design of the HexaCopter.

This completely eliminates the needs for any further modifications to the drone structure, while the HexaCopter is adoptable to new sensors and payloads with blink of an eye.

We developed a totally new compartmentlized/Stack design for industrial drones that has never been done before.

Contact us to learn more about the over all concepts we incorporated inside this entire solution for our customer.



The HexaCopter offers the following key UAV features:

1. 45 Minute Flight time while carrying upto 25KG payload!. We accomplished that by using fully redundant dual LiPo battery system and ability to adopt Fuel Cell technology in the future to increase flight time upto 2.5 hrs.
2. Telemetry data should be able to transmitt upto 80 Km and with a satelllite uplink backup system.
3. Live video transmission, 720p upto 8Km and ability to also use 4G LTE cell towers as a back video transmission system.
4. Ability to adopt any type of sensor (remotely!) using a proprietary mechanisim developed by UAV Skies with few commands.
5. Precision landing capabilities down to +/- 1% degree of accuracy.
6. ADS-B (Collision avoidance) system to comply with FAA regulations (coming soon as a must have requirement on all Autonomus UAV platforms)



Most Ground Control solutions in the market today offers basic waypoint and telemetry data display options for basic flight situations.

UAV Skies developed a customized ground control solution that surpases most advanced solutions in the market today. Our ground control solution offers total control of the drone while in flight as well as provides the ability to remotely change the onboard sensors depnding upon the needs of the mission in hand.

The remote sensor technology at this point is confidential and requires an NDA to be signed to be further discussed with new customers.

Pleae contact us if you are interested in learning mroe about our new ground breaking control solution.

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