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Off the Shelf to Custom UAV Design Services

CUSTOM UAV Design Services on Time, Within Budget

We offer full turn key UAV design services. From Poroto type design to the final working solutions. Please click here to see one of our custom Hexa-Coptter development with 25Kg payload capability.


We offer a wide variety of precision laser cutting serives using our state of art Laser CNC machines. Please click here to learn more about our laser cutting services.

3D Printing Services READY FOR FINAL PART?

Are you looking for the final assembly part laser printed to precision? We use a wide variety of laser printers that are specifically design for different types of parts printing. Please learn more about our 3D print serivces.

Mechanical / CAD-CAM services let our engineers design it for you

When developing custom UAV solutions, having someone to design that specific part is a must have service. We offer a complete turn key mechanical design services. Click here to learn more about our Mechanical engineering services.


We have a team of Engineers who can design all UAV related products from scratch if that is the only option left ont eh table. We have done Goggle designs, Video TX/RX solutions, FPGA based solutions for the UAV industry. Click here to learn more.

TOTAL CUSTOMER SATISFACTION We Deliver on our promises

UAV Skies is comitted to providing total customer satisfaction. We take the time to understand our custoemr needs. We narrow down the details of the project to its finest detail to avoid any unnecessary revisions during the development cycle. Please contact us and specialist will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

Understand Customer Needs
Design plans
Proto type development
Customer Acceptance
Final Solution


Custom Devleopment is always a scary thought for most customers, while assuming high cost involved in developing a new concept from scratch. At UAV Skies we have developed new techniques that minmizes the new design ideas development cost to an affordable level..


The key to sucessful design is always based on meeting your customer expectations. To fully understand customer expectations, the engaging people from UAV Skies have to be highly skilled in many aspect of a UAV design cycle. We provide one of the most talented Project Managers who are also an Engineer by profession.

Enhancements and Suggestions

part of key services is that after evaluting our customer requirements, we utlize our 10+ years of UAV design experience and offer alternatives and enhancements to customer proposed design. This exceptional engineering excellence puts us as one of the advanced UAV design companies within the business sector..


We use advanced development techniques to minimize the cost associated with proto type designs. Using an abondance of our own inhouse tools and platforms, we can significantly reduce the cost of proto type development to its bare minimum.


From start to end, our team of Engineers, Project Managers will engage you every step of the way during the development cycle. We put a great amount of focus on customer engagement during the entire course of the project.

Ultra responsive

We offer above average response time to our customer requests.We understand that due to rapid technology changes, the project end needs can change at any given time. We offer a great amount of flexibility to our customers to adopt to new technology enhancements if requried.

All elements included

UAV Skies is a total turn key UAV design services company. We are your one stop shop for developing and finding the right UAV solution for your specific business application.

24H Support

We are capable of offering 24 x 7 support where needed. We offer a wide variety support options to our customers.

What people say

  • I am very pleased with UAV Skies UAV design services. They were able to determine our needs from day one, they came back with number of new recommendations that assisted us in reaching our final design goal of a custom UAV solution.

  • UAV Skies surpassed our expectations, so we end up buying this company. This peaks for the quality of service they offer.

  • We hired this company to develop a custom Hexa-copter. The design was perfect and there proposed suggestions made the entire solution exceed our expectations.

    SHAYAN H, Shayan Ventures, LLC

We answer your questions

Are you Enterpenure and you have an idea and not sure how to go about it? Youc an utilize our 10+ years of experience to guide you with the entire process.

With our indepth understanding of UAV industry, we can offer all levels of consulting services. This could include FAA regulations, new regulatory chnages int he industry, FCC guide lines for radio TX.

Send us an email or contact us by phone. We will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have..