SoluComp "LTE in a Box" - EPC Lite

SoluComp "LTE in a Box" is 100% software based solution. It is designed for operators in rural areas, operators in developing countries, local ISP's looking to compete with major Wireless operators in the LTE space. The solution can support upto 200,000 simultaneous attached subscribers (active + idle).

LTE in a Box provides all the necessary EPC components that are required to launch your own LTE services at a price that is affordable without jeopardizing quality and directly in compliance with 3GPP R10 specifications. Provides complete interoperability with other major operators for voice and data handoffs.

• The Integrated software solution consisting of MME, Serving GW, PDN GW, HSS and PCRF components or any combination of these providing “LTE/EPC-in-a- box” functionality. You dont have to purchase all the EPC components.

• Low-footprint LTE Mobility Platform with support for 200,000 simultaneous attached subscribers (active + idle).

• One of the best Performance-to-Price ratio’s in the industry.

• Support for fixed, mobile and nomadic subscribers.

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Business Case

Rural Service Providers

EPC Lite can help Rural or other smaller operators by adding a low cost EPC/Core network within their larger network. Why spend millions in EPC cores designed for large scale markets?

Deploy SoluComp 100% software based EPC in Box for your smaller markets. Having a local EPC would keep your company remain compliant with all regulatory requirementswhile reducing the over all cost and extending your market reach to new territories.

Safety/Public/Utilities/Campus Applications

The demand for LTE service will continue to increase within North America and around the globe. SoluComp EPC Lite provides industries most cost effective EPC solution ever offerred in the industry.

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